Mission Impossible?

If you don’t already know about it, every Sunday at the Everleigh Social Club there’s an event called Speakeasy.  It’s indulgent, voyeuristic, and easy on the wallet.  Great fun.  The entire event is centered around live jazz and improvised burlesque performances.  And as a student learning to spread my dirty wings, I have the chance to perform at one.  Now, improvisation — especially with musical timing — is something that riles up the butterflies that seem to constantly live in my stomach, but we all need a challenge, right?  (And judging from last night’s improvised dance party in class, it’s quite the challenge. Remember Eugene Levy’s character in “Best in Show?” I was the inspiration for that.)  But left feet notwithstanding, I need something to strip out of, so I decided to give myself a little design challenge.  The aesthetic of burlesque is glamorous and dramatic.  My closet doesn’t include anything even remotely approaching glamorous and dramatic.  It’s where American Apparel dresses go to die.  So, I’ve decided to make something.  Here’s my sketch:

I’m dancing on the 25th.  That gives me a little over two weeks to get it done.  My funds are just a bit on the strapped side, so my budget is almost non-existent.  But let’s just say… $35.  I’ll post my progress so you can hold me accountable.

Shit.  This means I have to pull it off, now.  No thrift store shopping for me.


3 thoughts on “Mission Impossible?

  1. I won’t hold it against you if you have to go to the thrift store.

    Looks like I’m finally getting back to Speakeasy on the 25th. I’ve been delinquent.

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