Couch Potato

At long last, I see the light at the end of this freaky, sexy, snapped and zippered tunnel. Tonight I spent the whole evening on the couch with a grilled cheese, a glass of wine, a dog, a husband, and ‘Breaking Bad.’ And you know what? I earned it. I didn’t bite off more costume work than I could chew, but it’s definitely a mouthful. I was up until 4 A.M. again last night putting the finishing touches on a stupefyingly sexy and tiny ensemble for Mimi First. Luckily for me, my day job just requires that I sit there and stare off into the distance (those sculptures are going to have a dash of zombie to them this week,) which was about all I was capable of doing. And now it’s on to the next. I have costumes for Nora Gretz, Jett Adore, and Frenchie Kiss all due by the end of the month. I’ll think about that tomorrow. For now, I’m finishing this last mouthful of the vino before I flop face-first into my pillow and dream of Bryan Cranston.


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