To say that October wasn’t the easiest month I’ve ever had is a gross understatement, but man, is it gratifying to see the results of all those long nights on a stage.  And to listen to an audience go wild over a performance I helped create.  Mimi First and Nora Gretz are amazing and beautiful performers.  It was a pleasure to costume them.  And if I allow myself to toot my own horn, their costumes were pretty fucking fantastic looking.  Selfishly, part of me wanted to keep them for myself but like any good surrogate, I needed to send them off to live with their new hot mamas and then go off and have several beers.

Check them out here:

That’s Mimi First in her new “Zip Tease” number.  Holy Guacamole, right?  Nora Gretz’s scandalously hot Square Dance photos immediately follow Mimi’s set.  After working on the sex zipper costume for a week, I can’t tell you how fun it was to switch gears into Holly Hobby land.  Maybe it’s the girly girl in me, but I just lurve big circle skirts with ruffles and lace.  Big thanks to both of these super awesome ladies for trusting me with their new numbers!!


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