My Strange Little Baby is Hitting the Big Stage

If you didn’t know about it (and most of you probably don’t) around Christmastime I gave birth to a very weird little baby with my burlesque bestie, May Oui (new name pending.) I just love this lady.  She’s smart and kind and funny, and I can’t think of anyone in this world that would have agreed to, much less been enthusiastic about, the wackadoo idea I put in front of her.  This kooky number grew from a fun little thing that a couple of friends decided to try into a solid collaboration with both of us bringing our particular (peculiar) strengths to the table.  I’m just as pleased as punch about it.

What, I haven’t mentioned what it’s about?  That would ruin the surprise.  Here’s a hint:

And I really can’t go on enough about how honored and fucking thrilled I am to share the Music Box stage with some supremely talented performers.  I’ve been bouncing along in rehearsals for the last month and I can say without hyperbole that the audience on Saturday should be prepared for some epic shit.  Frilly fantastically diiiiirty new Chicago Starlet numbers and new acts from Lady Ginger, Delia Aces, Stella LaRoque, and Michelle L’amour (this one in particular is some serious business but would you expect anything less from the Queen of Fucking Burlesque, herself?)

Not to mention Hot Toddy, Yuri Lane, Parker & Seville, and my new favorite Emcee, Bastard Keith.  He’s very tall.

Does this sound like an advertisement?  It’s meant to be.  Go get your fucking tickets.



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