Goodbye Starlets,

I have intentionally stayed away from my blog lately because I’ve been in the middle of making some changes for myself.  It was a tough decision to make, but I’ve decided to resign from my apprenticeship with the Starlets.  It wasn’t working and sometimes you just have to call it, you know?  There were lots of reasons behind my decision, but at the end of day it just came down to what’s best for me.  I love this group.  Love them.  What they do is so super fantastic and you should go see them every chance you get.  But it wasn’t a good fit for me.  And now that I’ve hiked up my bravery pants and done it, I feel awesome.  It was just right (and if I needed proof that it was right, within an hour of sending that resignation letter I got some crazy, Holy Balls!  kind of good news that I’m giddy over.  But more on that later.)

But the thing that sucks about this it that I won’t get to see all of these fantastic ladies on a weekly basis anymore.  I know it sounds all sappy and sentimental and trite, but they’re all really great.  I have never met a kinder, more drama-free group of women.  They are all dedicated, driven, and ridiculously talented.  I feel so lucky to have gotten the chance to work with them.  And because they are more than a group, I wanted to write a little thank you/ love letter to each of them.  Because they’re all funny, awesome, sexy, wonderful, inspiring, unique snowflakes.  And I adore them.

Dear Starlets:

Lady Ginger,

You were my very first burlesque teacher!  I can’t think of anyone better to have been there with me during those first awkward bumps and shaky grinds.  You are such a fantastic lady onstage and off.  Your numbers are some of my favorites and I always look forward to seeing what you pull out next.  And you’re one of my favorite people to have a drink and a smoke with.  I hope I can snag you for a drink after a show sometime soon.

Frenchie Kiss,

You amazing force of nature.  Not only are you awesome onstage, but you’re a perfect costume client.  I love working with you.  Thank you for letting me help bring your vision to life!  I’m so excited to see what the next few months bring for you, and I’m super proud to be the designer you’re wearing.

Vivian Velvet,

Lady, let me tell you.  As a costumer, I am frequently amazed at what you create for yourself.  It took me years of training and a heap of college loans, but you seem to do it like magic.  I’m always impressed with your pieces.  You are a stunning, elegant, and kind lady.  And I love your numbers.  They’re always so beautiful.  I’m so pleased to have gotten to know you.

Greta Layne,

Not only are you ridiculously gorgeous, you are also warm and kind.  One of my most favorite life experiences is getting Naked and Reading with you.  Thanks again for giving me that Anthony Bourdain bit to read.  I think that helped lock it down.  You rock.

Delia Aces,

We haven’t gotten to know each other very well (and I hope that will change!)  but what I do know is that you are fabulously talented, funny, sassy, sweet, and smoking hot.  I can’t wait to see what you do next — in burlesque, in make-up, on zombies, etc.  If I can ever do anything to help you out (like be a zombie,) you just holler!

Honey Halfpint,

I fucking adore you.  You kill me.  Let’s drink and make a movie montage.

Rhonda Vous,

I have loved seeing your face every week.  You are just as beautiful in a tee and sweats as you are in a boa and heels.  You always made me feel welcome around the studio and I always loved seeing you.  Also, your new hairdo is fab.  Best wishes on the new expansion!!

Stella La Roque,

I feel like I haven’t gotten to know you enough at all, so I’ll just gush about what an awesome –seriously awesome– performer you are. The creativity, the costuming, the ridiculous dance ability (how do you get your feet to do that?) leave me clapping like a little kid when you’re onstage.  Your dedication to the art is super inspiring!

Nora Gretz,

I loved, loved, loved helping with your costume for that Square-dance number!  I think it’s one of the best things I’ve seen, ever.  I think you’re fabulous.  Thank you for being kind to me as we Wiggled!

Ivy Fabulous,

I have loved getting to know you over the last few months.  Your face always brightens my day!  I will miss it seeing it every week.  Also, your shimmy rocks.  Big time.

Kami Oh!,

You gave me bacon maki and will therefore always have a special place in my heart.  And you have the best collection of weird art.  I really hope I see you around.  And your superhero number is the best.  The best.

Lily Bloom,

I could listen to you talk for hours.  Not only because you have a cool English accent, but also because you’re one of the most interesting people I’ve met.  And I love that when you put together a number, you put together a number.  I’m always amazed.  You are such a joy to watch!

Dottie La Vie,

Girl, you are awesome.  Super talented, easy on the eyes, and surprisingly sassy.   Please, let’s not be strangers!

May Oui,

I don’t want to get too sentimental on you because I’m like steel and all, but if I got nothing else out of this whole thing besides becoming friends with you, it would have been worth it.  Thanks for being there.

Dorian Ames,

Do this, girl.  You are super deluxe.  And facebook is not enough.  Drinks and pastries soon, please.

It has been a pleasure knowing and working with you.  I would be thrilled to see your faces across a couple of pint glasses anytime.  And I’m also thrilled to actually be able to watch y’all from the audience!  I will be the loudest and most sincere woo-hooer.

Love,  I mean it — love,

Ray Ray


5 thoughts on “Goodbye Starlets,

      • Glad to hear it! And I’m happy for you for making a decision that is good for you. Can’t wait to hear what’s coming up for you!

        I wish you all the success in the world. 🙂

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