This is where the title goes. (Sometime’s the old wit fails me.)

It hasn’t been a quiet few weeks since my last post, but they haven’t been crazily eventful either.  At least not for me.  Really, my life has been pretty quiet and good.  I’ve been doing some writing about burlesque shows — something that I’m very pleased about.  I’ve been building a couple of new numbers which feels like just the thing for me right now.  I’m acclimating to a new company and I’m happy to be there.  I finally watched the last season of Mad Men (holy shit!!!) And I got out to a few non-burlesque shows for a change.  A couple of plays, a rad rap show at one of my favorite (hidden) venues in the city, and last night White Mystery and Shonen Knife at the Empty Bottle.  I love White Mystery.  They’re all red, frizzy hair and ROCK.  And Shonen Knife is still awesome and punk and adorable after — what? — like 20 years?

So, yeah.  I’m not saying I was expecting it not to be quiet.  But I wasn’t expecting that last post to be viewed over 300 times, either. (Who?  Where?  Why? Crazy.)  And there have been some repercussions from it.  Sure.  Some I know about.  Probably some I don’t.     But do you care?  You probably shouldn’t.  I do a little.  Well, care isn’t the right word.  It’s something more akin to a Venn diagram of interest, incredulity, and amusement.  But, look it.  I’m only even addressing it at all because of the amount of views that post generated.  I feel like it needed some sort of follow-up.  But I’m afraid it’s kind of a boring one.  I wrote that because I wanted to shake off some great big piles of negativity.  I needed to.  It would have made me a bitter and suspicious person if I didn’t.  And writing it out and giving it away is just my way of release.  I’m not trying to draw any lines, but at the same time, I’m pretty philosophical about those that have been drawn.  A little clarity ain’t so bad.  It keeps you on your toes.

But don’t expect any more posts like that one.  At least until I write that book…

Just kidding.

No, I’m not.

I am.




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